Table of Contents

The Ants Read what these ants are up to.
Archeological discovery excites Theologians and Sociologists A PRESS RELEASE entry. Read about this incredible find.
Baby A story about a giant, written for my 8 yr old.
Baggage Claim at the airport.
Cards A never-ending card game.
Check List Get your questions answered before heading out…
The Cheetah (see Anecdotes) A cheetah who doesn’t hunt earns his food by telling stories.
Christmas eve A short poem.
A Comfortable Place Can you guess who is speaking? Where they end up will give you a clue.
The Cookie and the Plate What happens when a small town in Ontario goes looking for a twin south of the border?
The Deer A longer story about a short life.
The Deer Mouse A little deer mouse finds his shadow. Written for my 10 yr old.
Escape Plan Can you guess whose trying to get out of this situation?
The Grain of Sand Read what happens when the winds toss this traveler high into the atmosphere.
Last night Where do you go when you close your eyes at night?
The Mosquito When God created the mosquito, it was beautiful. Read on!
The Old Man What is he writing in the sand?
Reflections My first entry on this blog.
The Rivers A whole life spent beside a river, and when death comes, a beautiful surprise.
Roll Call The origin of common 2-word expressions…maybe.
The Salmon with the Wing A story about a mythical salmon.
The Shrub A story about a little shrub at the edge of the forest.
The Snake Read about the snake who was in my other story, The Deer.
The Snowflake Ah yes, the beautiful, self-absorbed snowflake….
The Spider What does the little spider catch in her web?
Strength of Heart A reluctant painting must save the day (or the night, to be more accurate).
The Tern A shore bird that undergoes a transformation of sorts.
The Travelling Man Is this an endless journey?
Wannabee A story about a dragon who wasn’t much of a dragon. Written for my 8 yr old.
The Witch This witch travels to and from the city for a very special reason.
The Yarn Find out what happens to the complaining sweater.
Zero How are you going to start YOUR day?

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